Studio Day 5

I’ve been in Texas for week and I’m strangely energized. My normal routine has been thrown way off by the rock and roll hours I’ve been keeping lately. Today, for example, I didn’t venture outside until around 2:30 when my stomach told me it was finally time to eat something. So a short walk up to Central Market (it’s like Whole Foods on steroids) on Lovers Lane for some prepared food.

There’s a life-size bronze statue by the entrance to the market of a policeman writing what I thought was parking ticket. A few well placed mouse clicks, however, taught me that it’s actually a disorderly conduct ticket. Being written by a statue cop.


I know what you’re thinking. You don’t know what to think. Every time I’ve walked by that thing my mind goes completely blank with bewilderment. I think I’m actually stupefied when I see it. Maybe it’s a marketing ploy by the market to make you stupid before entering the store so you’ll buy more, even it you don’t need it. Initially, I wondered if it was a memorial to JD Trippet who was killed by Oswald on Nov 22, 1963. Nope! It’s just a weird statue.

I didn’t go to the studio today at all. There wasn’t anything for me to do there, so I stayed at the condo and practiced my set for the show tonight and took it easy. I didn’t get the Bush Library today either. Seemed like a better use of time to prepare for the show.

Speaking of the show . . . it was really fun! Family from the Dallas area came along with several of their friends. My cousin’s 5th grade daughter was also there. I told her that I was giving her a homework pass tonight and that if any of her teachers gave her grief about it that she should tell them that she did something waaayyyy cooler than homework tonight! Seriously, homework is more likely to make a 5th grader hate school than it is to make them smarter. And I should know . . . I used to be a 5th grader!

Okay, so back to the show. Everyone knows that you should open the set with something that you know really well. I decided to go the other route (because I always make the right moves with my music career) and open with a brand new song that I’ve never played in front of people before. I think it’s a really great song–maybe my best. I wrote it earlier this week and it was one of the songs that we were able to add on to the record. The song is basically about a guy playing guitar in a bar (wonder where that came from??). Anyway, there’s a line in the song about a Miller beer sign and about half way into the song, I noticed a Miller High Life sign on the wall. Funny. To me anyway.

2015-04-16 00.02.55

I wonder if anyone noticed that poster while I was playing?

Seriously, though. It was a really good show and it was good to play some of the new songs and to see my Texas family and make so many new friends!

Tomorrow, I’ll swing by the studio for a bit in the morning and then head to the airport for the trip home. As great as this has been and as good as this record is going to sound, I am really looking forward to getting home.


p.s. I am playing at MBargo at Rockett’s Landing on Wednesday, May 13. You know, in case you’re in Richmond with nothing to do on a Wednesday night.


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