Studio Day 4

I’ve rented a place in the SMU area of Dallas while I’m recording, near the corner of Greenville Ave and Lovers Lane. It’s a condo I found on VRBO in a quiet neighborhood that reminds me architecturally very much of Melrose Place. Every time I drive to the studio and cross over Greenville Ave, that line from the Old 97’s song runs through my head,

“What a time we’ll have
Down on Greenville Ave
With the big shots in Big D . . .
I’m living in a state of Texas
And Texas lives in me.”

Well tonight I went to an open mic at a bar called Vagabond down on Greenville Ave and indeed had a big time. I played three songs–two old ones and one newer one–to a wildly enthusiastic crowd. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. Truth is, as always with open mic, most people talked and some people listened. There were enough people listening though to make it a lot of fun. I hung out for a while and heard a variety of good songwriters.

Earlier in the day, Salim and I met for lunch and talked about life, the value of taking chances, and how when I initially called him last summer about recording, he thought he would never hear back from me! He said most people just don’t follow through with plans like that.

After lunch we went back to the studio and he sang back up on some of the songs we’ve done this week, and we started putting together rough mixes. There are a few songs that will remain unfinished when I return home on Thursday. We just can’t decide on the instrumentation on a few of them, so he’s emailed a couple of songs to John Dufilho to see what he can come up with. He’s also sending another to a friend in San Antonio to add slide guitar/pedal steel or something like that.

The songs are in what I consider an adolescent stage at this point. They can be a little awkward, but full of potential. That’s just the nature of rough mixes. It won’t be until Salim sits down with them to mix and EQ/effect them that they’ll sound as good as they’re going to sound.

Tomorrow we’ll take it easy, maybe do a couple of more rough mixes and call it a day. I am playing a show at Opening Bell Coffee downtown tomorrow night and I’ve been so consumed with these eight songs that I need to practice the others that I’ll play as well. Then, Thursday morning, someone named Camille is coming to sing back up on at least one song (hopefully more).

Tonight at Vagabond, someone took a short video of one of my songs. You can see it here

(it takes 10 seconds or so for the video and audio to sync up)

I realized today that I’m staying just a few blocks from the GW Bush presidential library. I may swing by tomorrow and see if there are really any books there.

Thanks again for your support! Talk to you soon.


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