Studio Day 3

Happy Monday, everyone. Though I think it’s Tuesday by now.

I’ve been in Texas for four days and I’ve noticed a few things. First, Texans are really into high school football. My cousin, Jay, pointed out a high school stadium nearby that seats 18,000. Second, Texans are really into church. There are several around here that seat nearly that many. What I’ve also noticed is that there is an enormous amount of ridiculously talented musicians, and I’ve been lucky to have a few of them play on my record so far!

Anyway, this record is coming along very nicely! Things have moved along quickly enough that my little 6 song EP has turned into 8 songs. I was able to write a song down here called “Sometimes It’s a Song” that may just turn out to the be the best one of the lot. Salim and I also decided to throw a cover into the mix at the last minute. While we were eating lunch and swapping Tommy Stinson stories (his were much better than mine), I also shared the story of the Harvey family tragedy and we decided to add a House of Freaks song to the record. It may also turn out to be one of the better songs we do here.

Once again I am amazed at the talent of the musicians that are playing on this record. Tonight for example, a piano player named Richard Martin came by to play on the brand new song (I finished writing it yesterday I think) and having never heard it before or having a chord chart in front of him, he just listened to it once and played along. He nailed it on the second or third take! Richard captured exactly what I wanted without me even saying anything. Amazing.

By the way, I finally figured out how to get the video off of my phone so you can see a little bit (and it’s really just a little bit) of what we’ve been doing here.The first part is the freakishly talented (and tattooed) Jason Garner playing bass to “Sun Gone Down” right after he played drums to the same song (guitar and vocal were re-recorded later). Then, Paul Slavens adds keys to “Anything But Gone” and Salim Nourallah texts–he tells me that’s an important part of making records. Finally, Paul adds accordion (that’s right, accordion) to “Henry and Maria”.

Enjoy! And thanks again for your support!


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