Studio Day 2

Hi Everyone!

Another productive day in the studio! We started the afternoon–that’s right the rock’n’roll world doesn’t go to work until noon–recording a couple of additional songs. Jason Garner played drums and bass on both songs and then played bass another that we had recorded yesterday. Jason is a veteran of the Dallas music scene and has played with more bands than I can begin to list. Needless to say, he’s very good!

Jason Bass

Jason Garner added bass to a song that must be played standing up.

Live Room

The live room at Pleasantry Lane in Dallas.  This is where the drummers drum and the singer sings.  Most everything else happens in the control room.

After Jason left, I laid down guitar and vocal tracks on the two songs Jason had played drums on before we took a break. Paul Slavens came by and added piano, organ, and accordion. Every great rock record should have accordion on it. Paul’s piano part on “You’ve Been a Bad Christian” is fantastic . . . and he knew the “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” back story to the song.

Tomorrow we’ll record two more songs–one of which I finished writing this morning. The other I hope to finish tonight!

Thanks again for your support on this project! It’s really sounding good so far and I can’t wait to share it with you when it’s finished.



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