Studio Day 1

Thank you again for your early support in this project! I really am grateful to have good friends like you who have contributed to this new record.

Today went really well here in Dallas. I showed up at Salim Nourallah’s studio in East Dallas at the same time as Matt, the sound engineer. Salim pulled in behind us followed shortly by drummer John Dufilho. The drums were already set up and it wasn’t long before we dove into the first song.

I had decided that we would start with a relatively simple one. It’s a songs called “Anything But Gone” and is loosely (very loosely) based on the divorce of a more famous singer/songwriter. Anyway, no one in the room had every heard any of my songs prior to our session today, so I thought breaking everyone in with a pretty straight forward one would be a good way to start. Salim played bass during the session while Matt worked the board (Salim, Matt, and I were in the studio’s 60’s-style control room while John played drums in the live room). I played a scratch guitar and vocal track while Salim and John put down the rhythm tracks.

I had intended to write the chords out to the songs on the plane ride out to Texas, but got absorbed in a book and forgot to do it. Anyway, Salim sat on the floor with a Fender bass and picked out the chords and changes as we rehearsed. These guys are really good musicians with terrific instincts. I learned a while back to let go of my songs in the studio and let the really talented people take over. It’s paying off here. I like what we did with the songs today.

The second song we were going to try is a peppy little tune called “Where You Hang Your Heart.” After I ran through it once so they could hear it, Salim suggested that we put that one aside for now because, as he put it, “I’m totally hearing Phillip Peeples on this one.” He texted Phillip to see if he was available to play on the song and we moved on to the next one. No word from Phillip yet. Whether Philip plays on the song or not (if you’re wondering, Phillip is drummer for the Old97’s), I really like what Salim hears in my songs. We talked a bit today about getting just the right person to play certain parts that he thinks would add to a song here and there.

I’m really impressed with both the quantity and quality of what we got done today. I think this could be really good šŸ™‚

I took some video today, but the sound quality is horrendous. I’ll try to get something better tomorrow.

Until then,


Salim Nourallah at the board with John Dufilho leaning over.


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